A checklist for implementing DAOS

 From the TN 1415556

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Avoid known issues by upgrading to 8.5.1 FP3, 8.5.2 or later.
8.5.1 FP3
Disable shared mail / verify shared mail is not enabled on any database.   To verify that none of the files in the mail subdirectory have shared mail enabled run the command:  load object info -full
How to disable shared mail in Lotus Domino
Run DAOS estimator to determine the approximate disk space savings and the number of .nlo files that will be generated for various sizes.

Note:  The DAOS estimator results are not cumulative thus the actual number of .nlo files generated and space saved will vary.
Download the Domino Attachment and Object Service Estimator Tool version 1.5
Review DAOS estimator output to determine the best minimum size for your environment.  Please keep in mind the following:
  •  More .nlos = greater space savings = longer save/restore times
  • Fewer .nlos = not as much space savings = less impact on save/restore operations

In general, a 1GB file will save much faster than 1,000 files totaling 1GB in size.  The actual save and restore time difference will depend on your tape hardware and save strategies.
Using the Lotus Domino Attachment and Object Service Estimator tool

How to customize DAOSEST file attachment size
Do you want to have your .nlo files encrypted?

By default .nlo files are encrypted with the server.id.  This means that .nlo files can only be restored to the server that created them.   If this is an issue in your environment you need to set DAOS_ENCRYPT_NLO=0 prior to implementing DAOS.
Transaction logging is required by DAOS.  You can use Circular, Linear or Archival type transaction logging.

Note:   Archival logging should only be used in conjunction with a backup utility that will save and clean up the archived logs.

Note:  A separate drive is not required for the IBM i or i5/OS operating system.

Note:  The recommended log file size will vary based on the number of users and the amount of activity and data on your servers.  A general rule of thumb is to use Linear logging with a max log size or 2GB x the average # of days the server is up without a restart for most servers up to 1,500 users.   For servers with more users, a larger size would be recommended.  
Transaction Logging for Domino Servers

Setting up a Domino server for transaction logging
Review backups to determine if changes are needed to save DAOS .nlo files.  Some backup utilities have a different set of requirements between 8.5.0 and 8.5.1.  Refer to the documentation for your backup software to determine if any changes to your save/restore procedures.
DAOS Backup and Recovery

Summary of Backup and Recovery Recommendations when using DAOS on IBM i
ODS Version 51 required for DAOS.  If your databases are not currently ODS 51 you should compact the databases to update the ODS level.
Create_R85_Databases enables ODS 51

Running Compact to update the ODS of a Database
Enabling LZ1 compression on all of your databases is a good choice.  This ensures that the compression used between all databases on your server is the same and will eliminate the case where the same attachment would be stored in 2 .nlo files:  one for the huffman compression and one for LZ1.    To avoid a performance issue with compact you should enable LZ1 before you enable DAOS.
Upgrading existing attachments from Huffman to LZ1 compression

IBM recommendation for conversion to DAOS enable a database
Determine proper path for the DAOS directory,  It is not recommended to place the DAOS directory within the data directory. How can I move the location of the DAOS subdirectory