After an Apple OS upgrade, why does Traveler not sync?

After upgrading an Apple device, the Lotus Traveler account may no longer connect to the server with the error "Cannot Get Mail: the connection to the server failed". The user may also see a prompt immediately after the upgrade with the error "Password Incorrect: Enter the password for the Exchange account".

On the Apple device, the Exchange account password (used by Traveler) is not always retained after the iOS upgrade.

Currently there is no resolution to prevent the user from having to reenter their password (as detailed in the solution listed below). However, the following IBM Feature Request has been opened for further investigation: RSSN-8K2GWU

In most of these cases, the problem can be fixed by simply reentering the password for the Lotus Notes Traveler account (Exchange Profile) on the device.

Here are the steps for entering the password on the device:
1) Select Settings
2) Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars
3) Select the correct Domino mail account
4) Select Account
5) Enter the correct Password and select Done

Information above from this TN