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In the last month I was researching how to install WebSphere Portal 8.5 in a container (Docker). Due to my commitments couldn’t finish the installation.

Today I found an article that makes the installation WebSphere Portal 9 using a container.

See the full article here

Get the DockerFiles on github ->

docker WebSphere Portal

In a world full of API’s and JSON this is a nice tool.

JSLint is a JavaScript program that looks for problems in JavaScript programs. It is a code quality tool.


XML external entity (XXE) security vulnerabilities in Apache FOP and Apache Batik affect IBM WebSphere Portal.

Apache FOP could allow a remote authenticated attacker to obtain sensitive information, caused by an XML external entity (XXE) error when processing XML data. By using a specially-crafted SVG file. A remote attacker could exploit this vulnerability to obtain sensitive information or possibly cause a denial of service.

Read the security buletin here

WebSphere Portal

There are several ways to parse JSON with java.

I am working on a project with IBM Watson Conversation and Discovery and we need to creat a parser for JSON objects when we crawl an endpoint.

I found this site ->  There you only need your JSON object or SCHEMA to genereate the classes.



The webinar was driven by a common scenario: A sysadmin is sitting at her desk minding her own business when a developer walks in and says “here’s the the new app, it’s in a Docker image. Please deploy it ASAP”. This session is designed to help provides some guidance on how sysadmins should think about managing Dockerized applications in production.




Compliments from IBM.

Link to the book :


From IBM L3 support:

“WebSphere Portal does not explicitly claim support for Oracle Data Guard. It is our understanding that Oracle Data Guard is an extension
of the Oracle Database product. We do support the Oracle Database as isted in our “Supported software” documentation. Unless Oracle Data
Guard limits functionality or impacts the behavior of the Oracle Database product in an intransparent manner or requires changes to the
Portal database object definitions, we do not see a reason why WebSphere Portal would not work in that setup. In other words: If the
database system, that is used by the customer, behaves like a regular Oracle Database, it should work. In case an issue is observed, we may
have to ask the customer to reproduce that issue on a system that is mentioned explicitly in our “Supported software” document.”


Documents for collecting troubleshooting data for IBM WebSphere Portal 8.5 and 9.0 aid in problem determination and save time resolving Problem Management Records (PMRs).

The following data collection documents contain instructions for specific components or scenarios. The wpcollector tool can be leveraged with such instructions to gather and optionally send the data. If one of the product components or scenarios below matches your symptom or the part of the product with which you are experiencing problems, follow the instructions in the associated data collection document.


Component: Link:
General 1962321
Installation 1962645
XML Configuration Interface (XMLAccess) 1451423
ConfigEngine 1968713
Configuration Wizard 1963901
Migration 1963147
Runtime Operations:
OutOfMemoryError 1316563
Crash 1316516
Performance, hang, or high CPU issues 1316528
Configuring Security 1593369
Login (including Impersonation) 1592791
Portal User Management Architecture (PUMA) 1592792
Virtual Portal 1593367
Session Management 1579527
Tivoli Access Manager Integration 1579530
Computer Associates eTrust Siteminder Integration 1243923
Step-up and Remember Me 1377161
People Finder 1458362
Credential Vault 1313734
Portal Access Control (PAC) 1450830
Directory Search / People Picker 1966956
Outbound HTTP Connection 1998965
Content Management:
Web Content Manager 1673017
Managed Pages 1960989
Syndication 1989372
Modular-based Themes 1616359
Web Application Bridge (WAB) 1647465
JavaServer Faces (JSF) 1198110
Mobile Portal Accelerator 1673323
Struts Portlet Framework 1468819
Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) 1468821
Common PIM Portlets (CPP) 1468956
Remote Cache 1468824
Script Portlet 1690618
WebDAV 1497122


portal WebSphere Portal

fix portal

Add slots to a dialog node to gather multiple pieces of information from a user within that node. Slots collect information at the users’ pace. Details they provide upfront are saved, and the bot asks only for the details they do not.

You can think of slots as the chat bot version of a web form in which users must fill out required fields before they can submit the form. Similarly, slots prevent the flow of conversation from moving on to a new subject until the required values are provided.