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Applying cumulative fix CF02 or CF03 for WebSphere Portal / Web Content Manager can result in the following issues:  

- Syndication can get frozen in active status if server restarts, crashes or network connectivity issues occur while syndication is in progress. In this situation, the syndicator and subscriber objects will need to be deleted and recreated to resume syndication between the servers. (APAR number: PM79132)
- Updates to images are not syndicated correctly. (APAR number: PM79136)

In addition, the following issues may be encountered independent of the cumulative fixes applied on the server

- Content updates that occur while a syndication update is active may not get included in subsequent syndication updates. (APAR number: PM73571)
- An item that previously failed to syndicate is no longer considered to be a candidate for future syndication even though subsequent updates to the item have occurred.(APAR number : PM79423)

Fixes for the aforementioned issues are included in the APAR PM80376. This APAR fix package is available for CF02 as well as CF03 and can be downloaded from FixCentral. The APAR description contains the list of multiple syndication issues addressed by applying this single package.

From TN1622148

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