Caveats with “After new mail has arrived” triggered agents on Domino servers

Today  i an agent stop to working . The cause was the wrong signature but in this case was not access rights

The TN 1099178 explain the problem:

In order for "After new mail has arrived" triggered agents to run on Notes/Domino Servers, the following must be true:

1.        The signer of the agent (the last person to save or enable the agent) must have their mail file located on the same server as where the agent will run.  The server determines this by taking the name of the last person to save the agent, performing a person lookup into the Domino Directory and retrieving the Mail Server from that user's Person document.  If the Mail Server in the Person document is different than the current server, the agent will not run.  If the person is not found in the directory, the agent will not run.  This person lookup is performed every time the agent loads to run.  Remember, if the User ID is hierarchical, the user name in the Person document must also be hierarchical.  This is stored in the field "FullName" in the Person document.

2.        Historical Detail: In Notes R4, if the agent is a Formula agent (as opposed to a Simple Action or Script agent), then there is an additional requirement that the agent be saved as a R4 type agent, rather than an R3/R4 Compatible agent (which is the default).  An agent will save as a R4 agent when a feature that is exclusive to R4 is used within the agent.

Note:   This limitation no longer applies to formula agents created or saved in R5.  R5 does not save agents in the R3/R4 compatible format.  Existing agents that are still in the R3/R4 compatible agent format will still not run under R5 until they are resaved using an R5 client.

Workarounds for the Mail Server Lookup caveat in Requirement #1 above

In Notes 4.5x and later:

You can add a parameter to the NOTES.INI file that disables this mail lookup check.  The NOTES.INI parameter must be set on the server where the agent is to be run.  The parameter is:  


Historical Detail: In 4.5x releases prior to 4.5.3 and in release 4.6, if the above INI parameter is set to 0, then it still acts as if it is set to 1.  So, in those Notes releases if you want to re-enable the mail lookup, the INI parameter must be removed entirely.

Note:  This parameter does not prevent the following warning when saving the agent; however, the agent still runs:

"Unable to determine the execution access privileges for this agent on ; agent may not run."