Deleted documents are reappearing after replication

This kind of problem is old but you can use new tools to solve the problem.

Yesterday, in one of our applications a lot of old documents  reappear like ghosts.  According the TN 1098733 the problem is caused by:

1. The purge interval  is more frequent than the replication schedule.
If a document is deleted and the deletion stub is purged before replication, the other replica copy does not have the information that the document has been deleted and replicates the document just like a new document.

2. A document was modified on one database replica after it was deleted on another replica copy.
If a document gets modified on one replica copy of the database after it was deleted from another replica, the modified date on the existing document is newer and would overwrite the deletion stub (there is no replication conflict with deletion stubs, the document just reappears).

3. A document was modified more often than the deleted document
If a document gets modified more often on a replica copy than of the database with the deleted document, it will come back after replication even if it was deleted after the last modification. This is because the sequence number (number of modifications) takes precedence over the modified date - and since there can't be a conflict with a deletion stub it reappears after next replication.

But in Domino Administrator you don't have any   tool to help. Its where the ScanEZ, a powerful tool, can help to solve this kind of problem.

Go to this link and see a good article about the tool and how ScanEZ was used in this scenario.  

For more information about ScanEZ go to this link

Este tipo de problema é antigo mas existem ferramentas novas para ajudar a resolver o problema.

Ontem, uma de nossas aplicações, muitos documentos aqntigos reapareceram como "fantasmas"

Usei o ScanEz para achar quais documentos estavam com problemas e solulcioná-lo rápidamente, excluindo tais documentos.