Explanation of “Use the Operating System’s Timezone Settings” option in Lotus Notes Location document

Some people may find the wording of this field's title to be confusing.  In fact, Notes is functioning as designed.    

The purpose of 'Use the Operating System's Timezone Settings' field is as follows.

-  If set to "Yes",  you can make time zone setting changes only through the OS.  Notes will adhere to whatever time zone the OS is set to, and you will not have the option to make changes through Notes.

-  If set to "No", you can make time zone changes through either Notes or the OS;  fields become available in the Location document so that you have the option to change the settings through Notes.

The time zone settings will remain synchronized between Notes and the OS regardless of whether "Yes" or "No" is selected for the "Use the Operating System's Timezone Settings:" field.

TN 1091291