How i solve my issues with Time Machine on macOS Sierra


Since i update my mac to macOS sierra,  my TimeMachine backups was not running well.
On El Capitain i don’t exprience any issues using WD My BookLive or a disk attached to my ASUS Router.

After the upgrade the WD disk is not recognized by TimeMachine, the “ASUS” disk had the same problem.

I google a lot and found a final solution to my problem with TimeMachine

Problem number 1 – WD My BookLive not found by TimeMachine

Steps to solve:

Create a sparse image – a virtual drive that Time Machine will see as a valid backup disk.

Copy the sparsebundle to your network drive, then mount it.

Tell Time Machine to use the mounted sparsebundle for backups.

Tell your Mac to mount the virtual drive at boot.

Detailed steps here:

Problem number 2 – TimeMachine backups very very slow:

Steps do solve:

Part of the issue is that low priority input/output-operations (I/O) now seems to get throttled heavily.
You can check it via Terminal then entering at the bash prompt:

fs_usage backupd

and look for the THROTTLED entries. If you see them, the backup is throttled.

So if you have a ton of files, just the time it takes to do the I/O takes forever, even if the files are small (because it performs a bunch more I/O operations around xattrs etc. than it used to).

Go to a Terminal and enter:

sudo sysctl debug.lowpri_throttle_enabled=0

My backup time before this command was 29 hours and drop to 4 hours (using an ethernet cable).

Obs: I upgrade the bios of ASUS Router and WD My BookLive to latest versions.