How to stop Daos when it is stuck on a very large attachment

Found it today on TN 1487071 but IBM doen´t tell the size of the very large attachment. I think to avoid this problem on the mail servers is to setup the max message size.


If serveral very large attachments are sent to DAOS enabled databases the daosfication process can use so much server resources as to be a risk to server function.  The only way to stop it is to restart the server.

Since the Daos process is event driven stopping the event in process will be sufficent, it will not attempt to daosify the attachment again.  However there is no task that can be brought down to stop DAOS, the server must be brought down.  If the server is clustered this can be done one cluster mate at a time while user's fail over.  While the server is down look in the DAOS directory for large attachments created at the time the issue began.  These can be removed.

Users who have the attachment and attempt to open it will produce messages on the console

The database Pathname.nsf attempted to access a missing file: Pathname.nlo: File does not exist

After the attachment has been removed from all servers the link can be removed from the mailfiles with the command fixup Path/name.nsf -J -D can remove the now bad links.

The DAOS catalog will need to be resynchronized after this, it is best to do so when the server  is less busy/