I like the IBM Knowledge Base

On April IBM stop the updates for IBM Knowledge Base  (lotuskb.nsf). I use this database on a daily basis. But now the beloved database was not updated anymore.

The new way to work is Google or IBM Support Portal
I like  the database.
I need offline access, some customers doesn't allow aliens laptops on their networks.

I build a java project to update the legacy lotuskb.nsf.  

1 - I get the URLs of the support feeds
2 - Read the feeds and extract the URL's to technotes
3 - Parse the html of the technotes and store them into the lotuskb.nsf.

I use several packages like JSOUP and JERICHO to parse and render the html. It is not perfect but i got the documents again on the lotuskb.nsf

Thanks to Nathan Freeman for the article about running Domino API on eclipse

The eclipse project is here