IBM Digital Data Connector (DDC) for WebSphere Portal

With Digital Data Connector, your website designers can use Web Content Manager presentation components to generate the web page markup for your external data. They can use all the Web Content Manager data management facilities for managing your external data visualizations. These facilities include content syndication, version handling, workflow, and targeting. They can manage the design components in the same way as your other Web Content Manager content and design components. The major benefits of this approach include the following:
  • Your Web Content Manager designers can fully control the visual appearance of the integrated data.
  • They can visualize the external data in the same way in which they visualize data that is stored in Web Content Manager.
  • As a result, they can visualize the external data in a way that is consistent with the corporate design of your overall website by reusing existing Web Content Manager components.
  • To quickly adjust existing visualizations of your data or create new visualizations for new kinds of external data, you no longer need the help of software developers or the IT department. Your website designers can start working on the presentation templates directly from your portal pages that show the data. They use the inline editing capabilities of Web Content Manager.
  • Your website designers make updates to the Web Content Manager design components in project scope. This way, they can keep updates in draft stage until all updates to the project are completed, approved, and finally published.

Documentation on V8.0.0.1 Wiki

Sample on OpenNTF