IBM Digital Experience V9.0 available tomorrow

IBM Digital Experience V9.0 offerings provide integration with IBM Cognitive Engagement solutions
and enable hybrid cloud capability to deliver engaging multichannel experiences.
Starting with CF13, combined cumulative fixes apply to both WebSphere Portal version 8.5 and 9.0. The IBM Knowledge Center for Version 9.0 contains installation documentation and documentation on how to migrate your IBM WebSphere Application Server. After you install Version 9, return to the Version 8.5 IBM Knowledge Center for information on how to configure and use WebSphere Portal.

You can purchase an extra license (WebSphere Portal Version 9.0) to integrate WebSphere Portal with Watson Content Hub. The license gives you access to the Asset Picker portlet. Use the portlet to select assets (files, videos, and images) that are stored in the content hub and publish them on your site.
See the announcement letter here