iNotes : “Prevent Copying” is enabled and it allowing copying of contents from the emails

1) User sends email with "Keep Private" to one recipient user.

2) In iNotes, Recipient user tries to reply and forward the same email but he could not do so.

3) Recipient user edits the emails and appends the text of the subject and body of the    message and after that save and close the same email.

4) Recipient user again tried to forward, reply , reply to all but could not do so as per    working of "prevent copying". But he is able to copy and paste the content of the email into new mail.

Since iNotes runs in a browser, it cannot control global actions on messages - e.g. copy / paste.     This is is a software limitation, with no viable workaround. Prevent Copying feature is not consistent with similar Notes feature.

There is no workaround and currently this feature is not possible. There is an Enhancement Request submitted as an SPR # DAGL8QLB2P  to add this functionality. Currently there are no plans to address this issue in the current version of the product. It will be considered for future versions of product.

Information from TN1612079