Lotus Traveler 8.5.2 Server Experiencing High CPU

 the Traveler server is experiencing a high CPU situation for an extended time, here are some actions to take which should resolve this issue

From TN 1568658

An extended high CPU on a Traveler server can be caused by several issues.  

Here is an approach to resolve this issue:

1)  Make sure you have the latest Fix Packs for both Traveler and Domino installed as several known issues have been addressed in the Fix Packs.  

The latest Traveler Fix Pack can be found here.

The latest Domino Fix Pack can be found here.

2) Verify the number of HTTP threads based on the number of devices using the Traveler server.  The steps to check this are documented here.

3)  Run a Traveler database defragmentation which will clean up and reduce the database size.  This will run automatically after installing the latest Traveler fix pack.  If it has been over a month since the last defrag has been done, running this again will be helpful.   It is recommended to run a defrag monthly.

How to defrag the database is documented here.

4) If you have followed the 3 steps above, but the issue continues, you could be experiencing a known Domino Server issue related to the DelayQueue function.  This is documented in SPR RSSN8HPLKX / APAR LO63480.  

To identify this problem (on Traveler, issue the cmd: show stat traveler.delay*  

If the output displays the following 2 lines, then you have encountered this defect:

Traveler.DelayQueue.Count.WrongOrder.DiscDelQ =      
Traveler.DelayQueue.Count.WrongOrder.StateController =

The Domino fix for this issue is included in Domino or later, which can be found using the link in step 1 above.
NOTE: This fix is already included in Domino Server 8.5.3 and higher releases.