Route messages to Smart Host


A smart host is a directory server to which SMTP-routed messages are sent when the message recipient cannot be found in the IBM® Lotus® Domino® Directory or other secondary directories configured on the server.

Typically, a smart host is used in organizations that employ multiple mail systems within a single Internet domain. Users on these systems may not be in the Domino Directory. For example, if some users are on a UNIX® sendmail system but their inbound messages are routed through the Domino mail system, you can set up a smart host to ensure proper address resolution.

Last week i need to setup a kind of odd routing.  I need to relay messages sent to Domino users to an Smart Host.  This routing is odd because the users exist on Domino Directory with the same smtp domain.

On the person document set mailsystem to Other Internet Mail and Internet Address and Forward Address to the same address like [email protected]

Configure the Smart Host on the server configuration document