Websphere Portal V8.0.0.1 and CF10 CRIMA1020E error

Yesterday i was updating a portal V8.0.0.1 CF5 to CF10 and the CF10 failed.

I restore the full backup of the file system but  i got the following :

 Erro durante a fase "configurar pós-instalação":
 Excluindo arquivos de C:IBMWebSpherePortalServerwcmprereq.wcm
   Falha ao excluir C:IBMWebSpherePortalServerwcmprereq.wcmwcmsharedappilwwcm-api-impl.jar
 java.lang.Exception: ConfigTask CONFIG-WP-PTF-CF failed.
 CRIMA1020E: Falha ao extrair zip prereq.wcm  O arquivo C:IBMWebSpherePortalServerwcmprereq.wcmwcmsharedappilwwcm-api-impl.jar já existe.
 java.lang.Exception: ConfigTask UNCONFIG-WP-PTF-CF failed.

I found that some things was left on the ProgramData.

Solution: Restore the ProgramData folder and run the CF10 setup again.