WebSphere Portal v8 Cumulative Fix 4 installation issues with WCM

There are two known issues related to WCM with the CF4 installation for WebSphere Portal v8.0.0.1.

1.The CF4 installation fails if the Portal URI has been changed.  
2. If you have disabled automatic syndication, it is re-enabled after CF4 installation completes.  

ssue #1 - The CF4 installation fails during the post-install-configure step "CONFIG-WP-PTF-CF" if you have changed the Portal URI to something other than the default /wps.  The failure occurs during the sub-script 'run-wcm-admin-task' here:

     [echo] VirtualPortalContext =  , VirtualPortalHost =
     [echo] Initialized: host my.portal.com  vpContext
     [echo] To call ConfigModuleClient: host my.portal.com  vpContext
[ConfigModuleClient] Connecting to login address: customp://my.portal.com:10039/custom/wcm/login
[ConfigModuleClient] Connecting to task address: customp://my.portal.com:10039/custom/wcm/myconnect?MOD=data&processLibraries=false&taskType=import&input.dir=%2Fopt%2FIBM%2FWebSphere%2Fwp_profile%2FConfigEngine%2Fconfig%2Fwork%2Fct_import%2Fweb+content+templates&importLibrary=%24%7Bimport.library%7D with user name: uid=wpsadmin,o=defaultWIMFileBasedRealm
[ConfigModuleClient] No output will be shown while this task is running. Check the SystemOut.log for progress information.
--- Exception Thrown ---
/opt/IBM/WebSphere/PortalServer/wcm/prereq.wcm/config/includes/prereq.wcm_cfg.xml:3829: An exception occurred while executing the task: Header field 'Set-Cookie' is null. The login failed. Can not continue.

Solution - This is addressed in WCM APAR PM84880.

Issue #2 - If you have set the WCMConfigService property 'connect.moduleconfig.syndication.inittasks' to 'false' in order to disable automatic syndication, this property will be reset to 'true' after the CF4 installation completes.  

Note:  You can disable syndication by doing to each syndicator and disabling it there as opposed to setting this property

Solution - This is addressed in WCM APAR PM85264.  

Both PM84880 and PM85264 have been packaged into a single download.  You must apply it in conjunction with CF4 to avoid both of these issues:

- Add both CF4 and "" as repositories to IBM Installation Manager
- When prompted, select both for installation

This information is from TN1631948