Diagnostic (debug) NOTES.INI settings for dbdirman can cause DAOS to delete attachments prematurely


From TN 1385425:

Certain diagnostic NOTES.INI settings related to dbdirman can cause an undercount of DAOS references during resync.  Undercounting can lead to premature deletion of attachments from the DAOS repository during prune operations.

DAOS resync scans all .NSF files on the Domino server and counts the number of references to each .NLO file in the DAOS repository.  If any of the following NOTES.INI parameters are enabled, dbdirman can provide an incomplete list of .NSF files to the resync process.  If an .NSF file containing DAOS references is not scanned, the reference count for the associated .NLO files will be too low, or zero.  A subsequent prune operation will delete these .NLO files when the reference count reaches zero, even though there are actually references to them in the .NSF files that were not scanned.  (Unless the prune operation is run manually with a different argument, deletions will occur in accordance with the DAOS deferred deletion interval.)

To correct this problem, if any of the following settings are enabled in a DAOS-enabled Domino server’s NOTES.INI file, remove them immediately, and then shut down the Domino server and all related processes.  The shut-down ensures that shared memory structures are flushed, so they will be re-created without the settings on restart.  After the restart, issue a ‘tell daosmgr resync force’ command to re-count all of the references.


This affects only 8.5.0.   Fix PMAO7RSQCT (included in 8.5.0 FP1, and in 8.5.1) will check for all of these flags.  If any are found to be enabled, it will print a warning message about them, and prevent the resync operation from running to avoid putting the DAOS catalog in a false ‘Synchronized’ state.