iNotes not working correctly with Firefox 15


Updates made to the Firefox browser in Firefox 15 and later, may result in iNotes no longer working as expected.   For example, mail will not send when pressing the Send button after composing a mail message.

The use of signed scripts in Firefox by iNotes can be disabled at the server with a notes.ini setting.  
After this is applied, aAttachments will use the older DHTML user interface, but will work.   Mail, calendar events, and to do’s will send and save, but URLs will not be automatically converted into URL hotlinks.   (However, many mail clients convert URLs into hotlinks when mail is received, so the absence of this conversion by iNotes may not be noticeable.)

In order to disable signed scripts in Firefox, set “iNotes_WA_FirefoxSignedScript=0” in the notes.ini, and then restart the http task for this to take effect.

To make this update, enter the following server console commands:

set config iNotes_WA_FirefoxSignedScript=0
restart task http

The information above is from TN 1610926