WebSphere Liberty is an OpenSource Project


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A modern runtime for Java microservices

Over the last year we have had a lot of discussions with developers about how Liberty needs to evolve in order to meet developers’ expectations, and to continue innovating to support modern application needs. Of course, what ‘modern’ means in this context is always changing and microservices are redefining how software is developed. This is why we have been so active in the Eclipse MicroProfile project which is helping to create common APIs for writing cloud-native microservices in Java.

It isn’t just about what we do, though, it is also how we do it. Talking with developers we have often been asked if we have any plans to open source Liberty. Well the answer is yes. The open source core of WebSphere Liberty is now available on GitHub under the EPL v1 license. You can find out more and download the latest nightly builds on the new OpenLiberty.io website. We have a new mailing list on Groups.io for discussion and we will also be answering questions on Stack Overflow.