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I am using TimeMachine to do my Mac backup since 2013 and every time i need to restore a file i have a success.
Last month i setup a Raspberry PI 3 with OpenMediaVault to create a NAS on my network. I have several computers at home that need a backup. The setup for the first Mac Book Pro using Moterey was ok, but my other Mac using MacOS Sonoma 14.4.

Using Sonoma i got the error “Apple: The operation can t be completed because the original item for “<file share>” can t be found: “. Searching on the web there is no one solution for the problem.

I found the video bellow that is a compilation of several possible solutions. The solution #3/21 solve my problem after i logoff and logon again.


I have this problem today after i change my account on my macbook.

The solution that worked for me was to delete the OneDrive Cached Credential key from the Keychain. The procedure was the following:

  1. Launch Spotlight Search (shortcut: command + space), type keychain, and press return. This should launch the Keychain Access app.
  2. Type OneDrive into the Keychain Access search box. This should show a short list of keys related to OneDrive.
  3. Click on the key called “OneDrive Standalone Cached Credential” or some variant thereof.
  4. Press the delete key (or use the menu item Edit > Delete) to delete the cached credential key.
  5. Restart  OneDrive.
  6. Enter your user and password again.

I found the solution above on Apple forum.