Customizing IBM WebSphere Portal 8.5 login error message


When an user write the wrong name or password the Login porlet show a message to the user.

My customer has a requirement to change the default message and add a link to the registration porltet inside of this message, because only registered users with all attributes (defined by the customer) can login on the portal.

Steps :

1  – Stop Websphere Portal

2 – Clear the wp_profile\temp  and wp_profile\ws_temp

3 – Go to wp_profile\installedApps\<cellName>\PA_Login_Portlet_App.ear\login.war\WEB-INF\jsp

4 – Change the StatusMessageInclude.jspf adding what you want.

Restart Websphere Portal.

Obs: If you apply fixes or fixpacks maybe you need to change it again.