Error when login using CP4Data CLI command line


Today i got the following error when i try to run the command :
./cpd-cli manage login-entitled-registry ${IBM_ENTITLEMENT_KEY}

Run command: podman run -d –name olm-utils-play –env CMD_PREFIX=manage -v /opt/cpd-cli-linux-EE-12.0.2-39/cpd-cli-workspace/olm-utils-workspace/work:/tmp/work[ERROR] 2023-03-06T12:41:55.991666Z Command exception: Failed to start the olm-utils-play container: Error: runc: container_linux.go:370: starting container process caused: error adding seccomp filter rule for syscall bdflush: permission denied: OCI permission denied (exit status 126)[ERROR] 2023-03-06T12:41:55.998354Z RunPluginCommand:Execution error: exit status 1

This error happened due to runc version too low. My bastion host is RHEL 8.4. To solve the problem i just updated the Linux, and everything works.