Fix Sametime Linux

Novo fix para o Sametime em Linux. Este fix na minha opinião é mandatório pois resolve problemas graves de estabilidade.

Link para o fix  ST-

SPR ID Description
Meeting server fixes
CGAL7U6HUM Exceptions for instant meetings in broadcast gateway controller
CHOS7LAN6V Decoding error could cause server deadlock
CHOS7M3KKW If a socket handle is reused, the new connection can get dropped
IPOA7SAE7P Invited meetings - stactivityprovider became defunct
IPOA7SAECR Invited meetings - stactivityprovider crashed on server shutdown
IPOA7T3GHF ST - Can't attach a doc to the meeting (issue started occurring under load)
IPOA7T3GSD ST - Multiple empty directories in /local/notesdata created under load
PDEK78GL7V Bus error signal received by stactivityprovider on linux
PDEK7LDTG2 stactivityprovider crashes on shutdown
TGAK7GMEBV ST server died after 1 day load
TGAK7RUKQF LGW: Unable to attend 'in progress' meetings from invited server after restart of invited server
YVIK7STJPU During meeting MRC perform reconnection
CHOS7MZKVZ If a connection is dropped, we may write to freed memory
IPOA7SAE7L Invited meetings - stwbserver became defunct
JAMR7RLT4Y Linux Meeting Server Crash if summary.diag reaches 2GB
Community server fixes
GREL7KZPN8 User removed from public group still appears online in public group after directory refresh interval
AAZI7RCAXC StResolve returns "Server Error" for unresolvable name
AAZI7RCB3H ST_DB_LDAP_CONNECTIONS_NUMBER >1 causes stresolve to spin
AAZI7RCHLX Passive login is not excluded from the list of suitable for IM clients
AAZI7RCHT2 StCommunity crash when Sametime Gateway connection is broken
TPAE652UH8 Sametime 3.1/651: Unable to use the StLdapCustomizedAttributes class file on UNIX platform
WBLU78A48E User cannot log on to Linux/Suse server after keeping running one night
ARIY7PYJXK Servers do not attempt to connect to each other in a community of ST8.0.2 and Pre-ST8.0.2 servers