Homepage Search: Profiles server fails while creating the initial index

When trying to create the initial index for Global Search from the Homepage server, the index update fails with an error.

To prevent further problems with indexing, perform a search in the Profiles database for any null entries in the table EMPINST.EMPLOYEE.

select * from EMPINST.EMPLOYEE

If any entries are returned they must be updated with an entry in the display name column for the Profiles feature to index successfully.

To prevent this issue from occurring, change the value of PROF_DISPLAY_NAME=256 in the validate_dbrepos_fields.properties file, to contain the following:

PROF_DISPLAY_NAME=(x != null) && (x.length() > 0) && (x.length() <= 256)

Then repopulate the peopledb database.

This will cause any name that contains a null value in the Prof_Display_Name field to fail initially when you populate the profiles database.