How setup IBM Connections 5 External Collaboration

External collaboration is a new feature of Connections 5.

External user are any users "marked" or "selected" as a external.

External users can:
  • Only see Files and Communites that he/she has given access to
  • See people in the community and business card (limited to some information)
  • Search, but no public data will be returned.

The process is not complicated. The key is how to mark or select external users on your ldap. The options are;

1 - Map standard LDAP attribute for external users
2 - Map standard LDAP attribute using JavaScript
3 - Use an LDAP branch to store external users.

I use the option 3 because on our LDAP external users are in another branch

I am using linux .

1 - First create another folder above /opt/IBM/TDI/V7.1.1 and copy the content of the TDISOL. I create with the nameTDISOLEXTERNAL
2- Edit and add a line


3 Edit and set the properties


4- Append a string to an external user´s display name in


5 - Run collect.dns and verify the list of users. Do not run or you will inactivate internal users!

6 - run

7 - Only internal users with the role EMPLOYEE_EXTENDED can share content with external users. Add the role to the users using wsadmin

ProfileService.setRole("[email protected]", EMPLOYEE_EXTENDED)

Now you can collaborate with external users.