How to reduce the number of .nlo files in the DAOS directory

From TN 1449358
  1. Increase the "Minimum size of object before Domino will store in DAOS" setting to the newly desired value in the server document.  Note:  Do not use special characters such as commas or periods when entering the minimum size.
  2. Restart the Domino server to enable the new minimum size.
  3. Run a copy style compact (compact -c) on all databases that currently have DAOS enabled to allow the server  to bring the small attachments back into the mail file.
  4. Wait for the "object deletion" interval to pass for prune to remove the small .nlo files.  If you have taken a recent backup and would like to delete the small files more immediately you can run the following command:
tell  daosmgr  prune  <#_of_days_since _last_full_backup>

In order to ensure you have all data saved in a disaster recovery situation you must not set your "defer object deletion" less than the largest number of days between full saves.

  1. Change the "Defer object deletion" interval to your newly desired value.
  2. Wait for prune to run at 2:00 a.m. or start manually with the console command:
tell  daosmgr  prune <#_of_days_to_retain_nlo_files>