IBM Lotus Quickr Best Practices in Numbers

What are IBM Lotus Quickr Limits?

Below are the known best practices for IBM Lotus Quickr server in numbers:
- Files limit size to upload?
Theoretically there is no limit but we recommend not uploading files greater than 1GB. Unlimited upload size is set by setting Maximum size of request content to 0 in the HTTP tab of the Server document.

- Room limit size?
This is dictated by the maximum database size in Domino, which is 64GB. However, we don't recommend DBS greater than 15 GB as this is when corruption or other errors begin to occur.

- Folder limit size?
Again, this must remain with the 64 GB limit of the database.

- How many level of sub-folder can we use?
If created only through the Web UI, there is no limit. There is an issue in later releases if the folders are created using the Connector and the Web UI, there was a limit of 8 folders deep, but this is now resolved.

- How many level of sub-room can we use?
This has been tested up to 500 rooms, without hitting any issue

- Is it a limit of number of characters for Folders and rooms name?
256 characters because of a Microsoft limitation.

- What are the forbidden characters for folders and rooms name?
| @ * ? < % " / { } [ ]

- What are the issues already encountered that we can avoid?
I'm not sure I understand this question. Can you please clarify what you are looking for?

- Number of characters for a document?
Again, 256 characters because of the MS limit

- Number of folder you can have?
10,495, but we recommend no more than about 7,000 as this is when we begin to see issues.

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