Packaging the Liberty profile server


A compressed file of your Liberty profile containing a server runtime environment, server configuration, and applications can be created using the included packaging wizard. Because a Liberty profile server is lightweight, it is useful to package up applications and the server in a compressed file. You can then store this package, distribute it to colleagues, use it to deploy the application to a different location or to another machine.

To package your Liberty profile environment:

  1. Stop the server.
  2. Right-click your Liberty profile server, and select Utilities > Package Server.
  3. In the Archive field on the Package Server panel, type a filename and path for your archive package, or click Browse to locate a filename and path. This filename can include a full path name.
  4. In the Include field, select one of these options, depending on what you want in your packaged file:
    • All server content, which includes binary files
    • Only server configuration and applications
  5. Click Finish