Web Application Bridge is not installed by default when you migrate from Portal V7.0


Last month i migrate a from Portal V7.0.2 to V8.0.1.

Today i receive a task to integrate some applications using WAB (Web Application Bridge).

When i launch the Administration interface the Virtual Application Manager portlet was not there.

I search for a solution but at the end i opened a PMR.

This kind of problem was reported and to fix just run the following tasks:

ConfigEngine.sh action-create-library-wp.vwat.engine
ConfigEngine.sh action-create-resource-environment-provider-wp.vwat.engine
ConfigEngine.sh action-create-resource-environment-provider-custom-property-wp.vwat.engine
ConfigEngine.sh action-deploy-portlets-admin-wp.vwat.manager
ConfigEngine.sh action-create-ear-wp.vwat.servlet/ear
ConfigEngine.sh action-deploy-portlets-wp.vwat.webdock

Restart the Portal Server