Domino SSO with SharePoint using SPNEGO

This week i setup Domino SSO with Windows. The customer will launch a SharePoint portal server and need a SSO with Domino Web Applications.

I follow this tutorial, the setup is very simple but some problems arrive.

The Domino server have the FQDN  and the windows server The SSO doesn't work.
I read the message  Attempt by HTTP client to authenticate using Windows NTLM security is not supported on Domino console.

After the AD administrator setup the user dominostart, he issued the command SETSPN -a HTTP/ dominostart.

When the user try to access a url of the domino server the browser show a logon dialog but the title of the dialog show the windows server name (

I asked the AD administrator to add another SPN SETSPN -a HTTP/ dominostart

Everything works after a Domino restart. :=)

If you want to use Chrome as your browser you need to start Chrome with arguments

/path/to/chrome --auth-server-whitelist="*"